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Introducing our Maintenance Packages

We see many of our clients and/or their vehicles on a regular basis, some once a month, others a few times a year and several every week, but they all have something in common. Their vehicles are routinely cleaned using high quality products and safe processes which not only keeps them in an excellent condition but allows the identification of any issues that may have arisin and deal with them appropriately. These issues could be scratches, dents, stone chips, alloy wheel kerb damage, failed light bulbs etc. Or even things we don’t currently deal with ourselves such as faulty electric adjustable seat, tail gate/door alignment or more serious damage to paintwork etc.

Until recently, each visit was treated as a “one-off”. We turn up, carry out the required work, send an invoice and put the next appointment in the diary. While this works for most people, we have had a few that have asked to book several appointments and just have one invoice with them all on. Also many clients who lease their vehicles book us to run alongside their lease contract. Which is why we have now created a maintenance package.

So how does it work?

Firstly you need to decide how often your car is required to be cleaned. As I mentioned we visit clients mostly on a monthly basis, some less often, some more. We have created some options to choose from. Which one you choose will depend on how often your car would require cleaning. If you do 20k+ miles a year then you vehicle may require more cleans than one that only does 5k miles.

We have four options:

  • Bi-Monthly
    6 times a year, once every other month.
  • Monthly
    12 times a year, once a month.
  • Fortnightly
    24 times a year, every other week.
  • Weekly
    52 times a year, every week.

These options are shown on each treatment service page where the maintenance package can be applied; currently the Safe Wash, Interior Valet and Mini Valet options.

Once you know which package you would like you can simply contact us using this form and we will contact you to arrange the first appointment. We require the payment up front to confirm the plan but in return for your commitment we offer a discount depending on the number of visits required. Each following appointment is loosely noted in the diary and confirmed nearer the time.

It’s that simple. Your vehicle is now all set to be routinely cleaned, looking its best and help maintain the maximum residual value.